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Hot Baked Apple Pie

Aroma of spicy apple pie straight from the oven

Clean Cotton

Smells like sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers, and a hint of lemon


A truly amazing men's fine fragrance with notes of citrus, bergamot, sea salt and amber wood

Cucumber Melon

A fruity honeydew melon and green cucumber blended with tart apples and watery fresh greens.

Aromatherapy Benefit: Relaxing, uplifting & renewing


This warm and cozy aroma composed of woods, spices, and fresh eucalyptus embodies all the comforts of home

Grapefruit Mangosteen

A true-to-life blend of ripe, tangy grapefruit and mangosteen, an exotic fruit that is citrusy and sweet with a hint of peach

Aromatherapy Benefit: Cooling, calming & centering

Lemon Lavender

A beautiful blend of lemon, french lavender, and green leafy hints with geranium, rose and eucalyptus oil on a base of Virginia cedarwood and vanilla

Aromatherapy Benefit:

Lavender- Helps to ease exhaustion, insomnia, irritability, and depression

Lemon- Helps to alleviate headaches, and is a quick mood enhancer

Lemon Verbena

Eucalyptus, corn mint, and leaf green notes add an invigorating, refreshing twist to lemon with this popular Yankee Candle* duplicate fragrance

Aromatherapy Benefit:

Lemon- Helps to alleviate headaches, and is a quick mood enhancer

Eucalyptus- A stimulant, removes exhaustion and mental sluggishness and rejuvenates the spirits (AVOID during pregnancy)

Monkey Farts

A unique blend of bananas, fresh grapefruit, with strawberries, kiwi, bubble gum and a touch of vanilla

Peppermint and Eucalyptus

An invigorating blend of peppermint, patchouli, cedarwood, and eucalyptus.

Aromatherapy Benefit:

Peppermint- Calming, soothing, centering & gently vitalizing. (AVOID during pregnancy)

Eucalyptus- A stimulant, removes exhaustion and mental sluggishness and rejuvenates the spirits (AVOID during pregnancy)

Sweet Jasmin Vine

The smell of summer days is captured with this classic jasmine climbing vine with bright orange and petitgrain top notes folding into a jasmine, honeysuckle and orange blossom heart ending with a clean woody dry down

Aromatherapy Benefit: Alleviates depression, anxiety, emotional stress, low libido, and insomnia

Spiced Apple

Freshly baked apple with cinnamon sprinkled on it.

Aromatherapy Benefit: Alleviate migraine pain and help suppress appetite. Calming, soothing & relaxing



Candle Information


When making our container candles and wax melts, we use our special top secret paraffin blend of wax which has a very creamy and soft consistency. Our creamy blend of wax has many advantages, one being the amount of fragrance we can add to our wax. Our wax has a very high fragrance load which makes for extremely highly scented candles and melts. Another great advantage of this wax is the low melt point which allows for a longer burning candle which will not leave a ring of un-melted wax around the inside of the container. With the soft wax, the scent molecules bind to the wax better and are easily released during the burning process making a very fragrant candle.

What Type Of Wick Do You Use?

We use a flat braided cotton wick with a rigid structure for easy pouring. Compared to other wicks, this wick burns with a tighter controlled flame that makes it the best wick for paraffin waxes. Great for paraffin containers, pillars and votives, the consistent flame helps ensure that glass containers don't overheat on one side and that pillars don't 'tunnel' or leak out the side of the candle.


There are two terms when talking about "scent throw". The first is "cold throw", this is how the candle smells before it is lit, the first whiff you get of the candle when you open the lid. The second term is "hot throw", this means how the candle smells when it is lit, the radius of a candle's scent, ie the number of feet you can be away from a candle and still be able to smell it.

At ITMMGCMomisms, our throw is profound and results from the liquefication of at least one-half-inch of wax, (better known as a "melt pool") from edge to edge that releases as many scent molecules as possible into the air of the room in which the candle is being burned. For all of our candles, that means that if you light up a candle in the kitchen, you will more then likely be able to smell that candle when you walk in the front door.


No. This is a common question. Remember, a candle is a solid, not a liquid. Most liquids will lose their fragrance if left uncovered. Examples of this would include perfumes and colognes. At ITMMGCMomisms we thoroughly mix our fragrances within the wax and continue to agitate throughout the filling process. This assures that the fragrances are captured within the very structure of the candle and releases the powerful fragrance upon the wax liquefying through melting.


12 top candle care tips

1. When lighting for the first time burn until the wax melts across the entire surface to the sides of the vessel (this prevents tunneling, and creates an even burn for the duration of the candle’s ‘life’) This may take up to 2-4 hours.

2. Trim wick to 5 mm before each burn to promote an even burn, steady flame and limit sooting/mushrooming of the wick.

3. If soot forms on the inside of the vessel, extinguish the candle, wait for it to cool, then wipe with a clean damp cloth. Trim wick and re-light.

4. Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches and debris at all times.

5. Extinguish candle with a snuffer, or dip wick into melted wax and then straighten wick to prevent smoking and also prevent hot wax from splattering. Do not blow out.

6. Draughts decrease burn time, cause uneven burning, smoking, and diminished scent throw.

7. Efficient burning means flame is not flickering, teardrop-shaped and upright.

8. Extinguish a candle if it smokes, flickers or the flame becomes too high. These signs indicate the candle is not burning properly and the flame isn’t controlled. Let the candle cool, trim the wick, then check for drafts before re-lighting.

9. Maximizing scent throw – open windows/doors will disperse scent. For maximum fragrance keep closed and burn in desired space for 30 mins before entering.

10. Always store your candles in a cool, dark and dry place. Scented candles also look great stored under a glass cloche, which also protects from dust.

11. Avoid placing your candles where they will be directly exposed to sunlight or harsh indoor lighting, such as spotlights.

12. You can remove dust and fingerprints from a candle by gently rubbing the surface with a piece of nylon or a soft cloth. The cloth can be dry or slightly dampened with water.

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